19 Pictures That Prove We’re No Different Than Animals

You and me, baby, ain’t nothin’ but mammals.

1. We all interrupt tender moments.


2. Discovering new travel modes is a universal interest.


3. Awkward dancing? Check!


4. Listen, we’ve all been exhausted while shopping, and there’s no shame in that.


5. Big purchases weigh on everyone’s mind.


6. Raving and raging to techno noises is just a part of growing up for everybody these days.


7. Summertime is for sweet treats…


8. …and no judgments.


9. Hydration is key, regardless of where you get it from.


10. “Shame, boatloads of shame.” - The Avett Brothers


11. We all love soullessly staring into the abyss of the Internet.


12. Eat what you want to eat because all of our bodies are beautiful.


13. Capitalize on hot SyFy movie trends together.


14. Face + bread = winning combination!


15. Straw hats are fashionable for all species!


16. Who doesn’t love a jaunty swimming cap?!


17. It’s never too early to get ready for school!


18. Candy is difficult.


19. A shearling coat will flatter any physique.


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