27 Personal Challenges To Better Yourself This Summer

Just listen to the cats. Always listen to the cats.

1. “Take time to really think about who you are.”

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2. “Explore new places by yourself. You’ll never know what you’ll learn.”

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3. “Find your inner, and outer, voice.”

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4. “Take more walks.”

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5. “Try seeing arguments or disscussions from the other point-of-view every once in a while.”

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6. “I like checking out new neighborhoods for a change of pace.”

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7. “Secretly eavesdrop on your neighbors, but use the information for good! Surprise them with a little care package.”

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8. “Be more confident!”

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9. “At least try to worry less.”

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11. “Attempt to become one with the earth.”

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12. “Try a new way of smiling. Maybe you’ve been smiling wrong this whole time…”

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13. “Meditate. (Or nap.)”

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14. “Just chill.”

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15. “Start planning a great big trip, with every intention of actually going, even if you never get to.”

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16. “Find your best angle, that way you know how to pose in photos from now on.”

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17. “Pretend to be king of the lake, BECAUSE YOU ARE ONE.”

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18. “Be more assertive at social gatherings. That chair is yours.”

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19. “Safely explore different cooking methods. Now’s the time!”

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20. “Be more patient.”

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21. “Learn better concentration methods and then actually use them.”

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22. “Don’t be afraid to be goofy, and meet new people!”

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23. “And most importantly, be comfortable with exactly who you are.”

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