How To Survive The First Day Of School

Let these animals teach you how to have a rockin’ first day of school!

1. Hope you got a good night’s sleep, because it’s time to get up!

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2. Grab a quick shower, and don’t forget to wash behind your ears!

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3. Eat a nutritious breakfast.

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4. Now slap on your brand new backpack, and get ready to go!

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5. Don’t be intimidated by the schoolyard. You’ll make tons of friends today!

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6. Get a good seat in class. Not too far up front, like a nerdy nerd, but you want to make sure you can hear the teacher.

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7. Spell something wrong in English class? No worries. Fix it on the second try then feel really cool and smart!

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8. Math is so easy for you! Way to go!

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9. Don’t be nervous about lunchtime seating arrangements…

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10. …even if you sit alone, you’ll still be with your best friend — you!

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11. After lunch, you’re practically a pro at school. Good job! But wait a minute…

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12. Your teacher just mentioned a summer assignment that you totally didn’t remember! Hurry up and write it!

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13. Yesssss, you totally dodged that bullet.

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14. Phew! Now you can celebrate on your way home. You survived your first day of school…

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15. …except for all the homework.

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