How To Host The Perfect Dinner Party

These 14 easy steps should really help you, and yours cats, throw the best dinner party possible.

1. Find the perfect recipe!

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2. Ready… set… mise en place!

“Mise en place” is a French term meaning “to put in place.” Gather your ingredients before you start to cook to make life a little easier.

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3. Also, gather your friends.


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4. Find a pan that will fit all of your ingredients.

Size matters or something.

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5. Don’t get frustrated if something goes wrong.

Even the best (chefs) fall sometimes.

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6. Snack while you cook.

Because cooking takes forever, and nobody has time for that!

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7. Patiently wait for your food to cook.


Too much stirring or flipping can ruin a meal, so just keep it casual.

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8. Decide to make bread to go with your meal.

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9. Eat the bread. Enjoy the bread. Become the bread.

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10. Set the table so it looks real fancy.

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11. Make your friends help you hide the mess you made while you were trying to cook.

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12. Give up and order food instead.

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13. Put the leftovers in the fridge for at least a week.

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