Happy Birthday To Tuna The Heartmeltingest Dog On Instagram

He’s a Chiweenie with a bit of an overbite, and he just turned 3 years old!


2. Let’s take a look back at the past year!

3. Remember when you came out with your own iPhone cases?

4. And when you modeled your own T-shirts?

5. And when you found your celebrity lookalikes?


8. Or when you were super stoked to celebrate Easter?

9. You were so good at napping outdoors!

10. Remember how great you were at Fourth of July-ing?

11. Thanksgiving was a little rough…

12. …but it was nothing a little nap couldn’t fix!

13. And you were especially good at doing Christmas.

14. Remember when you totally rocked those kicks?

15. Good job, Tuna!

16. Keep up the hard work of being adorable!

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