Happy 2nd Birthday, Lil Bub!

Lil Bub, you have given us countless moments of joy. Here’s a little post commemorating the best Bub moments thus far.

1. Happy Birthday, Lil Bub!

To celebrate this special day, here are our favorite moments from the cat that’s outta this world!

ID: 1295131

2. That time she was a kitten!

ID: 1294388

3. That time we saw her yawn!

ID: 1294403

4. That time she judged what shoes we were wearing.

ID: 1294410

5. That time she made a mess but we forgave her because she’s the best.

ID: 1294413

6. That time she slept like an angel.

ID: 1294418

7. That time she ROFL’d.

ID: 1294423

8. That time we told her she was adorable and she made this “aw, shucks” face.

ID: 1294429

9. That time she got yogurt on her head.

ID: 1294709

10. That time she sat there, expecting a popsicle.

ID: 1294431

11. That time she invented summertime.

ID: 1294439

12. That time she let her dude be worthy enough to hold her.

ID: 1294443

13. That time she cuddled so hard it looked almost mean.

ID: 1294460

14. That time her store opened online and it was awesome.

ID: 1294463

15. That time she made Gordon Ramsay cry.

ID: 1294465

16. That time she made herself laugh.

ID: 1294470

17. That time she went back in time and found a dinosaur friend and then came back to the present and made a toy in its likeness.

ID: 1294477

18. That time she was on Good Morning America!

ID: 1294483

19. That time she took a bath but still looked like a supermodel.

ID: 1294492

20. That time we heard her squonk!

ID: 1294697

21. That time she looked at us and said “OH, YOU.”

ID: 1294505

22. That time she cried out in anguish in the name of social justice.

ID: 1294507

23. That time she saw into the future.

ID: 1294517

24. That time she took over the big city.

ID: 1294527

25. That time she snored, but totally like a lady.

ID: 1294540

26. That time she loved her dude.

ID: 1294547

27. That time she STARRED IN A MOVIE.

ID: 1294695

28. That time she was very fearless in the face of danger.

ID: 1294552

29. That time she lifted, bro.

ID: 1294558

30. That time she was angry. Very angry.

ID: 1294566

31. That time she met ROBERT DE NIRO.

ID: 1294572

32. That time she won a Game of Thrones*.

*I don’t watch the show.

ID: 1294584

33. That time she WENT TO THE PARK.

ID: 1294688

34. That time she met Jack McBrayer, and we don’t know who was more excited about it.

ID: 1294590

35. That time she headbonked.

ID: 1294598

36. Those times she hung out with BuzzFeed!

ID: 1294618

43. Thank you, Bub! Hope you have a wonderful birthday!

ID: 1294612

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