Hamilton The Hipster Cat Is, Like, So Over It

This cat practically invented irony. And PBR. And mustaches. Hamilton, the cat with a perfect “hipster” mustache just landed a T-shirt deal with The Mountain, and you should know about him.

1. Waking up peacefully in the morning?

Over it.

ID: 1266448

2. Eggs for breakfast?

Over it.

ID: 1266429

3. Checking Facebook when you wake up?

Over it.

ID: 1266257

4. Nap in the early afternoon?

Over it.

ID: 1266323

5. Vegan lunch from Whole Foods?

Over it.

ID: 1266235

6. Nap in the late afternoon?

Over it.

ID: 1266383

7. Entertainment?

Over it.

ID: 1266413

8. Eating dinner with friends?

Over it.

ID: 1266254

9. Pre-gaming with PBR?

Over it.

ID: 1266262

10. Using an app to figure out what to wear tonight?

Over it.

ID: 1266266

11. Wearing bow ties?

Over it.

ID: 1266494

12. Getting tricked by just a hand?

Over it.

ID: 1266296

13. Carrying around a favorite penny?

Over it.

ID: 1266978

14. Becoming a professional soccer star?

Over it.

ID: 1266961

15. Giant pink monkey toy?

Over it. But loves it.

ID: 1266948

16. Wearing a monkey head hat at night?

Over it.

ID: 1266457

17. Cuddling someone as you fall asleep?

Over it.

ID: 1266420

Hamilton was adopted from the Human Society Silicon Valley by comedian Jay Stowe. Many others passed on him because he seemed timid or skittish. And though it took him a while to warm up to Stowe’s home, “one night though at like 4 a.m. he decided he was going to be a man cat and started meowing non stop until I opened the door and then he just took over the house,” said Stowe.

ID: 1267001

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