23 Halloween Costumes You Should Consider Before Wearing The Miley Cyrus Look

God save our souls from the impending twerkpocalypse.

1. A potato.

ID: 1721946

2. A bottle of ketchup.

ID: 1721958

3. A sack of sugar.

ID: 1721968

4. A three-headed dog where the other heads are your hands so you literally can’t do anything.

ID: 1721975

5. A “game of cat and mouse” would be a better Halloween costume.

These are reversible. I’m sorry.

ID: 1722106

6. This “Hot Shit” poop costume, because people should know. People should know.

ID: 1722041

7. A generic detective (plus optional hound).

ID: 1722065

8. Guy Fieri.

ID: 1722419

9. Legitimately any character from Harry Potter.

ID: 1722020

10. A “Heavenly Devil,” because no one wants to make little devils and angels to influence your decisions over your shoulders anymore.

ID: 1722211

11. The cast of Duck Dynasty.

ID: 1722258

12. Your favorite pie. Go crazy!

ID: 1722354

13. Start a hooplah with a loofah!

ID: 1730405



ID: 1722286

15. One of those old-timey sheet ghosts. Bonus points if it’s based off of It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

ID: 1722313

16. Winnie the Pooh in all his glory.

ID: 1722628


ID: 1722381

18. This couple costume of PB&J. EVEN THOUGH IT IS HORRIFYING.

ID: 1722916

19. (Sexy) (Racist) Paula Deen (Riding Things).

ID: 1722543

20. Any of the illustrious Real Housewives.

ID: 1722600

21. Any character from Breaking Bad, even though you’re still emotionally affected by the finale.

ID: 1723036

22. A carrot! Or a koala!

ID: 1722666

23. Hannah Montana. Keep it original.

ID: 1722571

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