25 Everything Bagels Who Want To Be Your Everything

You accept the love you think you deserve.

1. “Good morning, dearest!”

ID: 3070766

2. “I love getting to wake up next to you.”

ID: 3070361

3. “You’re my lil love muffin.”

ID: 3070368

4. “My seasoning means nothing without you.”

ID: 3070374

5. “I can be anything you want me to be. I think I heard someone say that in ‘The Notebook’ once…”

ID: 3070382

6. “Which side is my most flattering? I think all of you is beautiful.”

ID: 3070383

7. “Let’s go on a picnic every day together!”

ID: 3070393

8. “This world is all about sesa-me plus you!”

ID: 3070395

9. “I’m just trying to be as transparent as can be.”

ID: 3070402

10. “No need for me to keep my love for you under wraps anymore.”

ID: 3070404

11. “You balance me just like this breakfast is balanced.”

ID: 3070417

12. “I saved you a seat and everything. Don’t leave me hangin’!”

ID: 3070426

13. “If we got lost in the woods together, I wouldn’t even mind!”

ID: 3070432

14. “Basically, I’m wearing my heart on my sleeve for you.”

ID: 3070438

15. “I love that you’re not afraid of a little PDA.”

ID: 3070442

16. “I get to be myself with you, common disposable plate and all.”

ID: 3070501

17. “I’m totally willing to add some fixings into the mix in order to spice things up in our relationship.”

ID: 3070507

18. “You and I belong together more than me and this coffee do, that’s for sure. No offense, coffee.”

ID: 3070510

19. “I just love… love.”

ID: 3070542

20. “Let’s not be afraid to get up close and personal with each other.”

ID: 3070551

21. “I will give you 190% of myself!”

ID: 3070558

22. “I know you’ll love me even without all my frills.”

ID: 3070728

23. “You help me appreciate the simpler things in life.”

ID: 3070639

24. “You’re better than a hole-in-one, baby.”

ID: 3070732

25. “Let’s do this.”

ID: 3070491

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