19 Dogs Who Are Cat People

No need for a house divided, we can all get along!

1. “She tells me the funniest secrets!”

ID: 1488663

2. “See how cute his little feetsies are?!”

ID: 1488675

3. “I can’t believe what you just said about my best cat friend! Apologize!”

ID: 1488741

4. “Yes, we’ve heard the ‘got your thinking cat on’ joke before. And we love it.”

ID: 1489074

5. “There’s basically no one I’d rather go camping with, and I’ve gone camping with actual bears before, so that should tell you something.”

ID: 1496922

6. “With my cat, I can just be myself. I don’t have to be ‘on’ all the time.”

ID: 1496585

7. “Her cuddle attacks are the best.”

ID: 1489029

8. “I’d take my cat everywhere with me if it was more socially acceptable.”

ID: 1496906

9. “I like to listen to his little snores at night.”

ID: 1496975


ID: 1489383

11. “The mice don’t even bother me, that’s how much I love this guy.”

ID: 1496983

12. “Who else would take hours to help me organize my movie collection? NOBODY.”

ID: 1497117

13. “Her fur smells amazing. She must use some really exotic shampoo.”

ID: 1496926

14. “I’m allowed to have more than one BFF, so what?”

ID: 1488953

15. “Let me know if someone ever breaks your heart, because I will teach. them. a. lesson.”

ID: 1496932

16. “I’ve never been so comfortable.”

ID: 1496941

17. “The winter doesn’t seem so cold with you by my side.”

ID: 1496964

18. “Good, so good, yes, you cooked an amazing dinner, thank you, yes, so very good job.”

ID: 1488996

19. “Waking up with his cold nose on my face is the best part of my day!”

ID: 1496919

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