Dogs Try Selfies To Find A Home

Dogs at the Battersea Dogs & Cats Home in London are trying out a new adoption technique: taking selfies!

1. Milly, who loves belly rubs.

ID: 1588079

2. Justine, the smiley-est girl.

ID: 1588087

3. Pepper, a sensitive sweetie.

ID: 1588093

4. China, who loves to laugh.

ID: 1588099

5. Maggie, a gentle soul.

ID: 1588103

6. Pete, a super cuddler.

ID: 1588107

Sharing selfies online is all the rage and our dogs are tapping into this trend. Their photos are very cute and it’s a great way to promote our dogs and help them find a second chance.

ID: 1588385

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