18 Dogs Just Smiling Up A Storm

Summertime means smiles all around!

1. “Best friends forever!”

ID: 3151557

2. “More tickles, please!”

ID: 3151570

3. “I’m just a lil princess.”

ID: 3151572

4. “Hahaha, selfie o’clock is my favorite time of day!”

ID: 3151577

5. “Thank you for that utterly delicious meal, sir.”

ID: 3151579

6. “HOLES!”

ID: 3155798

7. “Sweet dreams are made of me.”

ID: 3155696

8. “Good thing being outdoors is my favorite!”

ID: 3155717

9. “Making a mess is so much more fun with friends!”

ID: 3155727

10. “Heh, heh. They call me ‘Butters’ because of my butter-ful body.”

ID: 3155731

11. “OH, YOU.”

ID: 3155737

12. “Studying’s for nerds. …Good thing I’m a total dork at heart!”

ID: 3155740

13. “Pleased as pie. And cake. Or cookies. Even ice cream.”

ID: 3155755

14. “Good morning! We get to spend the whole day together, and I couldn’t be more excited!”

ID: 3155745

15. “Say that one joke again. The one about the farmer. That’s my favorite one!”

ID: 3155759

16. “ROAD TRIP!”

ID: 3155774

17. “I’ve perfected my posture. Let’s celebrate!”

ID: 3155786

18. “You’re reallllllll nice.”

ID: 3155763

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