18 Cats Who Think Life Is A Shampoo Commercial

Beauty is in the fur of the beholder.

1. “Yeah, I barely even use product.”

ID: 1561534

2. “‘The Brady Bunch’ taught me to brush my hair 100 times a day.”

ID: 1562207

3. “Obviously my main intimidation factor is my beautiful hair.”

ID: 1561471

4. “The breeze feels so refreshing through my natural locks!”

ID: 1561582

5. “Face-fluffing is the next big beauty trend.”

ID: 1562182

6. “My whole body is gorgeous!”

ID: 1562229

7. “Which camera should I be looking at?”

ID: 1562399

8. “This setting looks like it would make a good Instagram, right?”

ID: 1562269

9. “Yes, good, more. I need to be ready for my close-up.”

ID: 1561567

10. “I heard pretending to look interested can make you seem cuter.”

ID: 1562378


ID: 1562388

12. “Hey, don’t mess up my fur. Easy on the scratches.”

ID: 1562564

13. “Don’t cross us unless you want to get sassed up.”

ID: 1562432

14. “Moody modeling is totally my forte.”

ID: 1562445

15. “Gotta stop and smell the flowers every once in a while, y’know? Plus, they really bring out my stripes.”

ID: 1562536

16. “I saw you sneaking a pic. Don’t worry, I’m flattered!”

ID: 1562492

17. “What do you MEAN I’m too dramatic?!”

ID: 1562529

18. “Accessories are my favorite thing. Next to a good shampoo of course.”

ID: 1562552

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