21 Cats Who Must Be Training For Something Sneaky

They’re so active and weird, but WHY?

1. “I’m just trying to get my protein levels up!”

ID: 2066143

2. “What, this? This is casual, everyday stuff. Nothing to see here.”

ID: 2066247

3. “Workin’ on my core teeth strength.”

ID: 2066152

4. “Gotta get strong bones and teeth!”

ID: 2066158

5. “No slide, no pride.”

ID: 2066220

6. “Every DAY I’m hustlin’… around corners… to build agility.”

ID: 2066228

7. “Don’t adjust your eyes, I’m not in fast-forward. Just trying to get my bed patrol time down!”

ID: 2066238

8. “…yes I nailed it.”

ID: 2066257

9. “Practice makes purrfect. I will get there eventually, alright.”

ID: 2066271

10. “In a single bound! Don’t be alarmed!”

ID: 2066273

11. “I do NOT appreciate you belittling my attempts at athleticism.”

ID: 2066235

12. “Must. Get. Upper. Body. STRENGTH.”

ID: 2066302

13. “I’m helping myself and others all at the same time.”

ID: 2066314

14. “Neck exercises are just as important as everything else!”

ID: 2066322

15. “Oh, come on, I’m just as good as most people at this.”

ID: 2066345

16. “Potty training still counts as training, right?”

ID: 2066376

17. “I, too, don’t know how I got here. But am I proud? Yes.”

ID: 2066430

18. “I move quickly like the night!”

ID: 2066439

19. “No cat here, sorry.”

ID: 2066464

20. “Sometimes I like to take a break and train other animals.”

ID: 2066483

21. “…Not quite.”

ID: 2066428

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