16 Cats Who Are Secretly Dog People

It’s OK to break tradition every now and then!

1. “Sometimes he says the most stupid things, but he’s a lovable oaf!”

2. “There’s literally no one else in the entire world that I would do this for.”

3. “I wake up to this every morning, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

4. “He gets so embarassed in public, but I just love him!”

5. “She doesn’t tell anyone how much I fart during football. That’s love.”

6. “Snoozeville, population: us two fools.”


8. “All aboard the snuggle bus!”

9. “She’s just so full of energy!”

10. “Shh, I’d never betray her secrets!”

11. “A furry friend in need is a friend indeed.”

12. “We’re just adorable partners in crime.”

13. “Haha, made you look!”

14. “I can’t sleep unless I get the big bed. Luckily, he’s very obliging to switch with me.”

15. “I’ve been told my paws have certain healing effects, yes. But only on the kind-hearted, like this guy.”

16. “This is just one of our quirky routines. You wouldn’t understand.”

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