27 Cats Who Are Masters Of Making Biscuits

So wise and so focused.

1. “The key to good biscuits is the proper amount of drool.”

2. “Sometimes you’ll need to get a different perspective on things.”

3. “You just gotta stick with it.”

4. “It’s important to ignore any and all distractions.”

5. “A soft workspace is crucial.”

6. “Seeing your work isn’t always necessary.”

7. “Always. Maintain. Eye contact.”

8. “Finding the right location will help you be a better biscuit maker.”

9. “This is my biscuit buddy!”

10. “Just be patient.”

11. “You’re never too young to start making biscuits!”

12. “True biscuit makers sometimes get into ‘the Zone,’ but don’t worry. We’re still quite happy.”

13. “I like trying to go real speedy to see how many biscuits I can make!”

14. “Snack while you work!”

15. “Check first to make sure using your claws is ok.”

16. “The easiest way to make biscuits is to just put one paw in front of the other.”

17. “I find it to be a very relaxing activity.”

18. “My friends hate it if I ignore them for my biscuits, so I try to stay in touch with the conversations going on around me.”


20. “All you need is a soft touch.”

21. “You must maintain eye contact or you DIE.”

22. “Change up your biscuit spot for a fun change of pace!”

23. “Practice makes purrfect.”

24. “Once you get good enough, you can do it with your eyes closed…”

25. “…or even without materials.”

26. “Don’t be afraid to get in there.”

27. “Pretend to be totally ‘over it’ in order to seem more cool.”

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