27 Cats Who Are Masters Of Making Biscuits

So wise and so focused.

1. “The key to good biscuits is the proper amount of drool.”

ID: 3039709

2. “Sometimes you’ll need to get a different perspective on things.”

ID: 3039713

3. “You just gotta stick with it.”

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4. “It’s important to ignore any and all distractions.”

ID: 3039725

5. “A soft workspace is crucial.”

ID: 3039728

6. “Seeing your work isn’t always necessary.”

ID: 3039732

7. “Always. Maintain. Eye contact.”

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8. “Finding the right location will help you be a better biscuit maker.”

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9. “This is my biscuit buddy!”

ID: 3039739

10. “Just be patient.”

ID: 3039766

11. “You’re never too young to start making biscuits!”

ID: 3039749

12. “True biscuit makers sometimes get into ‘the Zone,’ but don’t worry. We’re still quite happy.”

ID: 3039772

13. “I like trying to go real speedy to see how many biscuits I can make!”

ID: 3039787

14. “Snack while you work!”

ID: 3039797

15. “Check first to make sure using your claws is ok.”

ID: 3040007

16. “The easiest way to make biscuits is to just put one paw in front of the other.”

ID: 3039807

17. “I find it to be a very relaxing activity.”

ID: 3039812

18. “My friends hate it if I ignore them for my biscuits, so I try to stay in touch with the conversations going on around me.”

ID: 3039815


ID: 3039888

20. “All you need is a soft touch.”

ID: 3039894

21. “You must maintain eye contact or you DIE.”

ID: 3039900

22. “Change up your biscuit spot for a fun change of pace!”

ID: 3039910

23. “Practice makes purrfect.”

ID: 3039919

24. “Once you get good enough, you can do it with your eyes closed…”

ID: 3039931

25. “…or even without materials.”

ID: 3039944

26. “Don’t be afraid to get in there.”

ID: 3040057

27. “Pretend to be totally ‘over it’ in order to seem more cool.”

ID: 3040099

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