21 Baby Pugs Who Are Basically Just Cute Little Aliens

Lil aliens you just wanna cuddle!

1. “I commandeered this transportation vessel for just a bit.”

ID: 3175819

2. “This is how I recharge my adorable levels.”

ID: 3175830

3. “Greetings! And surprise!”

ID: 3175832

4. “Your ground has so much more texture than I expected.”

ID: 3175836

5. “Do you keep all of your elders outdoors?”

ID: 3175840

6. “Your sun is quite warm, and it pleases me.”

ID: 3175843

7. “Though I haven’t been here long at all, your technology was easy to master.”

ID: 3175848

8. “It’s so easy to make new friends here!”

ID: 3175853

9. “You guys topple over pretty often too, right? Like, this is normal? Cool.”

ID: 3175860

10. “Why do you keep saying ‘it’s just like The Lion King,’ because I don’t see any lions around here?”

ID: 3175862

11. “You should definitely feel lucky to live here!”

ID: 3175872

12. “Is THAT a puppy, too?!”

ID: 3178562

13. “Don’t make fun of my diminutive size.”

ID: 3178576

14. “Your fashions may take some getting used to… No offense.”

ID: 3178578

15. “Pretty much the best sticks I’ve ever seen. Well done on the stick front.”

ID: 3178583

16. “Playtime is the best here!”

ID: 3178588

17. “Your cooling mechanisms are most delightful, thank you.”

ID: 3178608

18. “A planet with comedy? What more could I ask for!”

ID: 3178612

19. “Um, of course I’d like a belly rub.”

ID: 3178627

20. “I didn’t know someone could own so many shoes!”

ID: 3178650

21. “My goodness, your horses are massive.”

ID: 3178672

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