18 Animals Giving Themselves Daily Affirmations

Life can get tough sometimes, but these animals know how to give a pet pep talk like the best of them!

1. “People admire you!”

ID: 1510249

2. “No one is better at being you… than you!”

ID: 1510073

3. “Your inner beauty is just as bright as your outer beauty!”

ID: 1510101

4. “Everyone wishes they could have your smile!”

ID: 1510104

5. “Get out there, and be the best!”

ID: 1510489

6. “Live with no regrets!”

ID: 1510114

7. “You’re more than just a cute face!”

ID: 1510167

8. “Don’t let the haters see you cry!”

ID: 1510143

9. “People take your opinion seriously!”

ID: 1510283

10. “Be bold enough to try something new!”

ID: 1510147

11. “Who’s gonna kick butt today? Huh?! YOU ARE!”

ID: 1510193

12. “Your vibrant spirit will take you far in life!”

ID: 1510077

13. “Find something to laugh super hard at today because you deserve it!”

ID: 1510232

14. “This hairstyle isn’t for everyone, and that’s OK!”

ID: 1510084

15. “My body is perfect for me!”

ID: 1510241

16. “It’s OK to nap as often as I do!”

ID: 1510110

17. “I’m fierce! I’m crazy fierce! I can do anything!”

ID: 1510172

18. “I love me!”

ID: 1510255

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