22 Adorable Cats Who Happen To Be Polydactyl

Polydactyl cats, or Hemingway cats, are known for their unique number of toes. It’s just more to love!

1. “Why hello there!”

ID: 3160506

2. “D’you mind if I snag this seat?”

ID: 3160518

3. “I make the perfect couch buddy.”

ID: 3160520

4. “My toes could never get in the way of a good nap.”

ID: 3160528

5. “Just working on my stretches!”

ID: 3160534

6. “Shhhh, let’s play the quiet game.”

ID: 3160538

7. “Being dramatic is my second favorite activity. (Being cute is my first.)”

ID: 3160546

8. “Almost can’t contain my cuteness!”

ID: 3160553

9. “Hmm, I totally disagree with the judges’ decision on this episode of Chopped. Totally all wrong.”

ID: 3160568

10. “Don’t be intimidated that we run in a pack. We don’t bite!”

ID: 3160581

11. “My toes make puzzles both more difficult and more fun.”

ID: 3160601

12. “Pleased to meet you, charmed I’m sure.”

ID: 3160643

13. “I’m a total flower child at heart.”

ID: 3160649

14. “Sorry! No space here. Can’t share even a little bit.”

ID: 3160695

15. “Yoga is better with a buddy!”

ID: 3160791

16. “Wait…what did I come out here to do? I totally forgot. Classic me!”

ID: 3160705

17. “You brought me a pie? What a nice neighbor. I’ll try to bring you a mouse some time this week.”

ID: 3160711

18. “Chillaxin’ to the max, man. Can’t make it out tonight.”

ID: 3160716

19. “I bet I love boxes way more than you! Wanna bet me on it?”

ID: 3160720

20. “Could I have a belly rub, please? I promise it’s not a trick…”

ID: 3160727

21. “Mid-dashboard is way better than shotgun.”

ID: 3160732

22. “Gotta. Have. My. Treats.”

ID: 3160779

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