8 Outfits To Become A Proper Cat Lady

Face it: ModCloth is basically your dream closet. To save you the trouble, here are all of the cat-related tops for ladies for sale.

1. Fur Sighted Top

ID: 403534

2. Feline Fabulous Dress

ID: 403535

3. Cat Eyeglasses Sweater

ID: 403537

4. Coolest Cat Around Top

ID: 403539

5. Blues Cat Sweater

ID: 403540

6. Dream Cat-cher Top

ID: 403541

7. That Yarn Cat Tee

ID: 403542

8. Cat and Mouse Gamer Tee

ID: 403544

Claw Enforcement Tee

Sorry, dudes! This is the only design about cats available in men’s clothing. Try not to be devastated.

ID: 403555

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