7 Marriage Proposals That Will Make You Cry Tears Of Joy

Here are some of the biggest proposal videos, all in one place, for you to enjoy when you have a few minutes to cry by yourself. Thanks to RightThisMinute for some of the finds!

1. The Flashmob That Made Us Love Home Depot Again

They found love in a lumber aisle…

ID: 2448615

2. The One Where He Tarantino’d It

Tess had no idea what was about to happen in Italy when she thought she was on a modeling job.

ID: 2448626

3. The One Where The Engagement And Wedding Happened ALL IN ONE DAY

With a “special ‘thank you’ to Pinterest,” Ryan was able to plan the entire proposal and wedding. It all happened in one day, much to Amanda’s surprise!

ID: 2448632

4. The One Where A Horrible Car Accident Couldn’t Stop Love

A week before he was planning to propose, Larry was struck by a drunk driver. Kelcie became a part of his recovery therapy, and thanks to the help of her sister, an Indiegogo campaign (successfully!) aimed to raise enough money for a marriage in Disneyland.

ID: 2448637

5. The One Where Slow-Mo Is Put To Good Use

Matthew’s proposal to Brynn took place while the two were in the middle of wakeboarding together. They took the actual plunge right after!

ID: 2448638

6. The One Where The Proposal Came From Outer Space

Well, it’s not very fair to the rest of us because Richard, a filmmaker, produced this video and had it play before a movie he and Abbie were going to watch together. THE ACTUAL RING HE PROPOSED WITH WAS IN SPACE!

ID: 2448639

7. The One Where They Went Back To Their First Date

Justin produced a 20-minute “proposal of a lifetime” video for Emily to watch while he was “running late” for a dinner they’d planned at the restaurant where they had their very first date.

ID: 2449116

It’s alright if you need a moment. Take as many moments as you need.

ID: 2449165

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