13 Emotions You Feel While Watching Any “Eastenders” Episode

If you’ve ever seen even 10 seconds of an Eastenders episode, all of these should be familiar.

3. 3. Misery

BBC / Via gifsoup.com

4. 4. More Misery

5. 5. Festive Misery

BBC / Via imgur.com

6. 6. Complete Misery

7. 7. Inner Turmoil

BBC / Via tv.uk.msn.com

8. 8. Exasperation

BBC / Via mirror.co.uk

9. 10. Despair

BBC / Via bbc.co.uk

10. 10. Fear


11. 11. Sheer Terror

BBC / Via ladslads.com


12. 12. Rare, Fleeing Moments Of Hope…

Gee, maybe Cat and Alfie will live happily after all?

13. 13. Followed By EVEN MORE MISERY

…or maybe not.

14. Right, Now What Else Is On?

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