Why Ellen DeGeneres’ Was The Best Oscars Host Ever

Impeach Obama. Vote Ellen.

1. It began with her decision to start the Oscars off with a selfie

2. And then it turned out like this…


3. Then she started getting some guest appearances

the photo bombers just want in

4. But she ended up getting better at her selfie game

hashtag group pic

5. Which led to the best tweet of all time that ended up getting over a million retweets

dang you Bradley

6. She followed through on her decision to order pizza

Where’s my slice?

7. Proceeding to make Brad Pitt her bitch a.k.a paper plate passer outter

Brad Pitt <3 <3

8. She wore this beauty of a dress

9. Basically Ellen should host every Oscars forever and always

or be president

10. weeeeeeeeee

best person ever.

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