11 Times Justin Bieber Was Fine As Hell In His Deposition

baby baby baby oooh

1. When he had to look good for the cameras

2. When he was utterly confused

3. When he made full eye contact with the camera and you melted

god damnit justin

4. When he smirked for that first time

5. When you saw his hands and you were like “touch me please”

6. When he rubbed his perfectly chizzeled chin


7. When he was stressing and you so badly wanted to make him feel better

it’s ok baby, i’m here for you

8. When he giggled and then realized he had to be serious

get your shit together justin

9. When he decided to rest his beautiful eyes and you wanted to cuddle him

10. When he looked into the camera AGAIN and literally made you melt or fall out of your chair


11. When he winked at the camera and you were like “omg, he’s winking at ME!”

You’ve been bad Justin…

Stay Classy Justin. Stay Classy.

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