30 Canadatastic DIY-Able Manicures For Canada Day

Let’s celebrate, eh?

1. Subtlety is overrated. Spell out your love on your hands!

Use a toothpick or striping brush to make letters!

ID: 1314740

2. Or, show where your heart is with a cleverly placed flag of love!

ID: 1314762

3. Nothing says Oh Canada like a great Maple Leaf design

Look achieved with a stamping kit - Google ‘Konad Nail Stamping’, or ‘BundleMonster Nail Stamping’ to find patterned plates

ID: 1314770

4. Draw your leaves by hand if you’re steady under pressure

This is not for the faint of art (see what I did there?)

ID: 1314796

5. Check out this fab French-Canadian Manicure!

Sometimes I am even too clever for myself.

ID: 1314810

6. And this one too!

Nope, no idea how they got those leaves so perfect. Guessing stamps or magic.

ID: 1314812

7. Ok, leaves are hard. Take a look at these patterned pretties. Dots..

ID: 1314817

8. ..Arcs

ID: 1314841

9. Snazzy spirals

ID: 1314846

10. And fab houndstooth

Click the link for a FULL DIY instructional

ID: 1314857

11. Be a metallic maven with a foil leaf

Seal on a cutout with clear polish layers

ID: 1314934

12. Or join the gliteratti with stamps and sparkles

ID: 1314939

13. Bring on the bling with some tapered talons

ID: 1314860

14. Or some carefully curated crystals

ID: 1314929

15. Or get psychadelic with custom tie-dye

Google “marbled nail polish”

ID: 1314868

16. Show your bleeding love for Canada

ID: 1314866

17. Or pick a slightly less sanguine style

ID: 1314961

18. Add some subtle zigs and zags in colorblocked nails

ID: 1314872

19. Or highlight your half-moons with radiant red

ID: 1314879

20. Can’t pick just one design? Mix and match!

ID: 1314881

21. Or, match and mix

ID: 1314913

22. And don’t be afraid to overdo it- holiday nails are made for fun!

ID: 1314887

23. Fly flags from every finger

ID: 1314882

24. Or just focus on one fantastic accent

ID: 1314892

25. Alternately, go for the split with dual-personality nails

ID: 1314911

26. Not so into red? Go with a creative monochrome take, eh?

Hint: this design used tiny temporary tattoos

ID: 1314898

27. Won “Steadiest Hands” in the latest yearbook? Try this one on for size

Who’s an eager beaver now?

ID: 1314919

28. Full flag stamps make sure no one misses your message

ID: 1314957

29. Switch up the look with an unexpected white-on-red motif

ID: 1314923

30. Whatever design speaks to you, just go with it- it’s all about celebrating Canada, and your own awesome skills.

ID: 1314909

Not a DIY Diva? Grab a full set of fab fakes, and claim to have done them yourself!

Click link to purchase

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