19 Puppies Whose Best Friends Are Teddy Bears

Dogs might be man’s best friend but their other bff’s are so cute its unbear-able.

1. 1. Coordinating your look is so trendy.

ID: 1080433

2. 2. ..Especially if you need a doppelgänger to trade places with.

Good for puppies who are hiding from the law

ID: 1080976

3. 3. Sometimes you just need a little shoulder to lean on..

ID: 1080457

4. 4. Or, a slightly bigger shoulder.

ID: 1080461

5. 5. There’s no need to feel shy about having a teddy for a bestie

Seriously, all the cool kids are doing it

ID: 1080470

6. 6. No, really, it’s nothing to be ashamed of!

ID: 1080474

7. 7. If you’re really worried, you can hide the evidence

ID: 1080963

8. 8. Although you might want to find a better hiding spot than this

ID: 1081034

9. 9. But it would be more fun to show off your friend

ID: 1081104

10. 10. And take him out for holidays

ID: 1081128

11. 11. A best friend will always dress for the occasion

ID: 1081146

12. 12. A little friend makes even a bad day feel better

ID: 1081179

13. 13. And with a friend like this you just HAVE to be happy!

ID: 1081189

14. 14. It’s important to remember that Teddies are friends, not food

ID: 1081193

15. 15. When it comes to naptime you can’t beat a Teddy as a buddy

ID: 1081209

16. 16. Or a spare pillow..

ID: 1081219

18. 17. Or even a puppysitter, in a pinch

ID: 1081214

19. 18. When it’s time for bed don’t forget your Teddy

Or your rockin’ PJs

ID: 1081013

20. 19. Because Teddies make the best little spoon

ID: 1081050

21. Don’t worry though. If you don’t have a Teddy of your own, you can BE one instead!

ID: 1081066

23. Because every puppy deserves a BFF like this

ID: 1081233

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