Sam is a girl. Andy is a boy. Music is what they do. Drawing inspiration from the sounds of Jeff Buckley and The Civil Wars, Sam & Andy’s original compositions feature intriguing melodies, tight, distinct vocal harmonies, and honest, ex...
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  • Jeff Buckley’s ‘Grace’ - A Tribute By Sam & Andy

    Sam will never forget the quiet October evening in Petersham, NSW when Andy played her Jeff Buckley’s Grace for the first time. The haunting melodies, complex chord progressions, stark and honest poetry, and emotionally raw vocal performances all combine to place this incredible album well and truly in Sam & Andy’s top 5. It’s for this reason, this week, that they release their acoustic cover of Jeff Buckley’s title song ‘Grace’ and pay tribute to his memory and everything he gave us as an artist.

    samandandymusic a month ago respond