15 Reasons Why We Love Paul Rudd

Oh Paul Rudd, him and all his Ruddishness. But what makes Paul Rudd so Ruddishley Ruddish?

1. 1. We’re all hypnotized by those forget-me-not green eyes.

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2. 2. His Ruddish charm will promise you the universe!

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3. 3. He’s not afraid to explore his feminine side.

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4. 4. He’s a man who can express himself!

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5. 5. Oh and he’s smoldering!

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6. 6. He’s sassy!

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7. 7. And my GOD, does he look good in a suit!

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8. 8. He’s also quite the virtuoso, he’ll have you know.

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9. 9. His proverbial wisdom will always ring true - even if it doesn’t make any sense.

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10. 10. He is the epitome of Tomfoolery.

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11. 11. He pulls off this Victorian Gentleman/ Pirate ensemble very well.

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12. 12. He’s the only man on God’s earth, who actually looks good in lederhosen!

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13. 13. Nothing annoying this man does can irritate you! You somehow just end up loving him more!

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14. 14. Because this is all you see.

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15. 15. Paul Rudd is just awesome, we all know it, even he knows it!

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