17 Ways “Friends” Gave Us Unrealistic Life Expectations

For children of the 90s, “Friends” has a lot to answer for.

1. We thought we’d be living in a massive loft-style apartment by age 24.

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2. With our best friends living just across the hall, on hand to entertain us.

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3. We thought dates would be like this.

4. And engagements like this.

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5. We thought this was an acceptable chat up line.

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6. That we’d spend our twenties hanging-out in coffee shops.

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7. Where random strangers would regularly ask for our numbers.

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8. That ALL our best friends would be there to witness EVERY milestone in life.

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9. That a chick and a duck make great pets.

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10. That sleeping with your best friend ends well.

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11. That divorce is easy.

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12. That this works as an insult.

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13. That you can actually get a turkey on your head.

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14. That it’s possible to be a part-time parent.

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15. And spend all day in a coffee shop, while holding down a full-time job.

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16. That it’s easy to go from this…

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…to this (and not put on a pound in ten years).

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17. That this haircut could solve all life’s problems.

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