You Aren’t The Only One Sad About Fleet Week Being Cancelled

NYC Fleet Week has officially been cancelled due to the sequester and a city is grieving (and tweeting.) We’ll get through this together.

Tyrone Siu / Reuters

2. Noooooooooooooooooooo.

6. What about the seamen?!

Fleet Week is officially cancelled. Insert your own jokes about NYC devastated by lack of Seamen.

— shibuyadreams (@d*nice)

Y'all carrying on about Fleet Week as if your seamen intake weren't already above average.

— mostlyFilth (@Adam)

#SeamenSequestration RT @Newsday: The U.S. Navy has canceled Fleet Week in New York City this year due to cost

— Matthops82 (@Matthew H.)

10. And the economy?! WHAT ABOUT THE ECONOMY?!

Big hit to NY's gay bars… RT @eyewitnessnyc: NYC has been informed by the #Navy that fleet week is cancelled due to sequestration.

— JoshuaHol (@Joshua Holland)

No Folsom East. No Fleet Week. Mallification. This city is feeling like a ridiculously overpriced box of saltines.

— worshipwarship (@Jeffrey Scott)

13. Do Cry, Do Tell.

Vast anti-gay conspiracy RT @FrankFay: What do you mean there's no more fleet week?! #NYC

— notbrendan (@Brendan Davis)

I’m annoyed that its going to be my first summer here in NYC and fleet week is cancelled… and DADT is repealed to boot! Dammit.

— MrSamuelColt (@Samuel Colt)

Fleet Week is cancelled this year in New York City. WTF! No drunk sailors roaming the streets looking for action. COME ON MAN!

— JoeJayJos (@Joe)

17. I had a “O Captain, My Captain” pick-up line all ready to go.

I have yet to experience NYC fleet week and now I never will!

— willvith (@Will Vith)

Fleet week was canceled in #NYC because of budget cuts. Sad day for the Gay Community.

— Hymie8 (@Jamie Jarrett)

first folsom east and now fleet week… what's the point of new york anymore?! #canceled

— richertrockit (@Richert Schnorr)

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