You Aren’t The Only One Sad About Fleet Week Being Cancelled

NYC Fleet Week has officially been cancelled due to the sequester and a city is grieving (and tweeting.) We’ll get through this together. posted on

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2. Noooooooooooooooooooo.

Oh no… RT @mpoindc:" target="_blank">">@mpoindc: NYC's Fleet Week has officially been canceled due to sequester. Statement here:" target="_blank">">

Nooooooo (sailors)!: #NYC" target="_blank">">#NYC Fleet Week Officially Cancelled" target="_blank">">

6. What about the seamen?!

Fleet Week is officially cancelled. Insert your own jokes about NYC devastated by lack of Seamen.

Y'all carrying on about Fleet Week as if your seamen intake weren't already above average.

#SeamenSequestration" target="_blank">">#SeamenSequestration RT @Newsday:" target="_blank">">@Newsday: The U.S. Navy has canceled Fleet Week in New York City this year due to cost" target="_blank">">

10. And the economy?! WHAT ABOUT THE ECONOMY?!

Big hit to NY's gay bars… RT @eyewitnessnyc:" target="_blank">">@eyewitnessnyc: NYC has been informed by the #Navy" target="_blank">">#Navy that fleet week is cancelled due to sequestration.

No Folsom East. No Fleet Week. Mallification. This city is feeling like a ridiculously overpriced box of saltines.

13. Do Cry, Do Tell.

Vast anti-gay conspiracy RT @FrankFay:" target="_blank">">@FrankFay: What do you mean there's no more fleet week?! #NYC" target="_blank">">#NYC

I’m annoyed that its going to be my first summer here in NYC and fleet week is cancelled… and DADT is repealed to boot! Dammit.

Fleet Week is cancelled this year in New York City. WTF! No drunk sailors roaming the streets looking for action. COME ON MAN!

17. I had a “O Captain, My Captain” pick-up line all ready to go.

Fleet week was canceled in #NYC" target="_blank">">#NYC because of budget cuts. Sad day for the Gay Community.

first folsom east and now fleet week… what's the point of new york anymore?! #canceled" target="_blank">">#canceled

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