31 Reasons We Need To Talk About David McIntosh Right Now

He isn’t a convicted felon; no one is perfect.

1. This is David Mcintosh, a model and fitness expert, and we need to talk about him.

ID: 3231823

2. This photo from his Instagram account is one reason.

ID: 3231756

3. These gifs are reasons as well.

ID: 3231898

4. Let’s talk about his back.

ID: 3231903

5. …and his front.

ID: 3231817

6. Let’s talk about the fact that he’s in Jennifer Hudson music video for “Walk It Out.”

ID: 3232153

7. Let’s talk about the fact that David is so hot, Jennifer Hudson gets distracted by him — in her own music video.

ID: 3232147

8. LOL. David is all like, “Sorry, Jennifer! I didn’t mean to! My body just… kinda happened.”

ID: 3232167

9. I suppose it’s as good a time as any for me to mention that David Mcintosh is British.

(I literally have no idea what he just said.)

ID: 3232042

10. If we can fit it into our very busy schedule, we should make time to discuss that David served with the Royal Marines in Afghanistan.

ID: 3231734

11. Hence, this tattoo.

ID: 3231766

12. Let’s talk about his “off again / off again” relationship with clothing.

ID: 3231737

13. “I don’t know about you, but when I cook, I only wear an apron, beret and booty shorts.”

ID: 3231747

14. Let’s talk about how, even when David is wearing clothes, he’s not really wearing clothes.

ID: 3231772

15. This puppy is like, “Whoa, dude. Never seen you in a shirt before.”

ID: 3231808

16. And to be perfectly honest, a good argument could be made for David not wearing clothes.

ID: 3231775

17. Live your truth, David! Who even likes shirts, anyway?

ID: 3231973

18. And pants? Pshhh! Those thighs need to breathe.

ID: 3231799

19. *loses train of thought*

ID: 3231812

20. *finds train of thought*

ID: 3231804

21. *loses train of thought again*

ID: 3231749

22. Let’s talk about the fact that really hot guys like David tend to travel in packs.

ID: 3231790

23. The scientific term for a pack of really hot guys is a “bulge.”

ID: 3231744

24. Let’s talk about David’s workout routine.

ID: 3231696

25. Where we see a mere toilet, David sees an opportunity to work out some more.

ID: 3231712

26. Let’s talk about the one time David wore a suit and sat on the hood of a car.

ID: 3231707

27. This horse is so thirsty.

ID: 3231715

28. But guys, I have some information I should’ve shared with you five or six pictures ago.

ID: 3231717

29. David is engaged to the very beautiful Kelly Brook.

ID: 3232596

30. This post’s alternate title is “31 Reasons Kelly Brook Is Winning At Life.”

ID: 3232610

31. Let’s console ourselves by talking about this pic of David deciding what not to wear today.

ID: 3232627

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