The Underwear Models On This Week’s Episode Of "Drag Race" Changed Our Lives

RuPaul brought in twenty-two Andrew Christian underwear models to play a mini-challenge called “Whatcha Packin?” and it was amazing. Like, really, really amazing.

2. It’s always nice to see the Pit Crew. Hey, Jason! Hey, Shawn!

ID: 997507

3. Wait a minute… Who are these guys?

ID: 997525

4. Oh. Oh, my.

ID: 997538

5. Well, this was certainly unexpected.

(We’re not complaining though.)

ID: 997215

6. The object of Watcha Packin’? is to find the models with matching pairs of underwear which means…

ID: 997213

7. Yep.

ID: 997621

8. Mmmhmm.

ID: 997183

9. Well, let’s get started!

ID: 997184

11. How about 15?

ID: 997189

12. We have a match!

(This is the best game ever.)

ID: 997187

13. How about 6?

ID: 997216

14. Oh, 6. You cad!

ID: 997191

16. 10?

ID: 997192

17. We have a match! A whole lot of… match.

ID: 997193

19. Even the models were impressed with the models.

ID: 997639

20. There’s product placement, and then there’s product placement.

ID: 997195

23. Sometimes losing feels like winning.

ID: 997762

24. At some point, the game kind of devolved.

(We still aren’t complaining though.)

ID: 997186

25. Ivy Winters won the mini-challenge.

(And, in a way, so did we.)

ID: 997750

27. Great work, everyone.

ID: 997778

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