The Internet Hates Roxxxy Andrews

It’s down to the final three queens on RuPaul’s Drag Race and it’s going to be close, but one thing is certain: Roxxxy Andrews is not the darling of the internet.

As expected, after Jinkx Monsoon, Roxxxy Andrews, and Alaska Thunderfuck lip synched for the crown on last night’s episode of Ru Paul’s Drag Race, Ru announced that she wanted the internet’s help in making a decision. She has a point. Season 5 has yet to define a clear winner.

Jinkx is incredibly endearing, has great comedic timing and knows how to bring the drama, but her makeup doesn’t always hit the mark. Alaska is also very likable and arguably one of the funniest queens in the show’s history, and it’s impressive that she’s succeeded in stepping out from Sharon Needles’ shadow.

And then there’s Roxxxy Andrews. Her double-wig stunt during the “Whip My Hair” lip sync was amazing. She consistently puts together amazing looks for the runway. And like the other two queens, Roxxxy has won two challenges. However, her “strategy” of trying to psyche out Jinkx by being as mean as possible seems to be backfiring. The pageant queen’s complaints last night, after performing poorly in the courtroom skit, that comedy was somehow an insult to drag were not only off-putting, but annoying as well. Reality television can bring out the beast in all of us, but Roxxxy isn’t doing herself any favors. And the internet is none too pleased.

3. Last night, Logo asked fans on Tumblr to like and reblog the images of their favorite queens. As one fan has pointed out, Jinkx = 5912 likes/reblogs.

4. Alaska = 4480 likes/reblogs.

5. And Roxxxy…. 361 likes/reblogs.

6. As of 1:00pm EST today, Drag Race fans on twitter appear to have reached the same consensus.

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