Australian Rugby Player’s Nude Selfies Have Gone Viral (And The Internet Rejoices)

His nickname is “Gorgeous” George Burgess because… duh.

1. This fella is George Burgess. He plays something called rugby in Australia.

Matt King / Getty Images
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2. If you watch rugby regularly, you’re probably used to seeing Burgess like this.

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3. Rugby, according to my research, involves a football that isn’t a football and a lot of crotch grabbing.

Chris Hyde / Getty Images


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4. When Burgess isn’t playing with fake footballs and getting his crotch grabbed, he’s posting selfies on Instagram.

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5. He’s really good at selfies.

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6. You might even say he has a gift.

ID: 1390557

7. He’s got quite a sense of humor as it turns out. This photo is captioned “water sports.”

Oh, George. You cad!

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8. George, you so crazy!

ID: 1390551

9. His brother, Thomas, loves selfies too.

ID: 1390543

10. But, apparently, there’s a secret Instagram called NudeSelfieGram that is waaaaaaay more interesting.

ID: 1390242

11. Last week, two of Burgess’s NudeSelfieGrams ended up on twitter.

ID: 1390630

12. And for some reason, these NudeSelfieGrams have gone viral.

(Can’t imagine why.)

ID: 1390640

13. There’s a “by George” joke in here somewhere. I can just feel it.

ID: 1390666

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