How To (Discreetly) Snap A Pic Of That Cute Baby

That cute baby on the train is so cute, but how can you snap a quick one without the Mom knowing?

1. Keep a distance.

ID: 1049887

2. Make sure the baby is really cute.

ID: 1049885

3. Wait until Mom puts down her Burger King.

ID: 1049903

4. Hide behind the other people taking pics.

ID: 1050461

5. Wait until the train comes to a complete stop.

ID: 1050460

6. Make sure the baby is still really cute.

ID: 1050466

7. Photograph the other babies so they don’t feel left out.

ID: 1050462

8. Settle on a similar-looking / camera-ready baby.

Great shoes.

ID: 1050465

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