28 Creepy Photoshopped Pictures Of Mr. Bean

Popular in the UK long before the mediocre film franchise, Rowan Atkinson’s Mr. Bean character has found new life on the internet. That is, mostly by way of his face being super-imposed onto babies and supermodels.

1. Bean-ie Baby

ID: 860604

2. Bean Laden

ID: 860606

3. Bean Raider

ID: 860607


ID: 860611

5. Bean This Way

ID: 860615

6. Foster-bait…

We’ll probably end up taking this one back to the orphanage.

ID: 860616

7. Pirates of the Carib-Bean

He’s basically Johnny Depp.

ID: 860617

8. Bean-a

She’ll love you for all eternity.

ID: 860622

10. Riot Grrl Bean


ID: 860625

11. George W. Bean

Probably would’ve found himself in less awkward hijinxes than that other guy.

ID: 860635

12. Pope Bean-edict

This guy hasn’t got a prayer…

ID: 860646

13. The Boy Who Would Be Bean

ID: 860658

14. More Potter-y Bean

ID: 860770

15. Last one, promise.

ID: 860771

16. Bean-rat

ID: 860659

17. Literacy.

It’s way better than Mr. Bean’s Holiday.

ID: 860661

18. Where ‘Bean-ie Babies’ come from…

ID: 860662

19. Unob-Bean-ium

ID: 860663

20. This…

…would’ve brought Michael Bay’s career to a screeching halt.

ID: 860753

21. Legally Bean

Lookout world!

ID: 860664

22. Frankly…

Bean’s got a pretty good grip on Vivien Leigh’s face.

ID: 860666

23. Sex on a beach…

It’s not this.

ID: 860764

24. He’s all shook up.

ID: 860668

25. Not sure what band this is…

..but you do NOT want to see the weird stuff that goes on in their dressing room.

ID: 860669

26. Mr. Bean is…


ID: 860684

27. Bean with a gnarly widow’s peak…

And that’s all.

ID: 860763

28. And Finally…

Mr. Bean pities himself.

ID: 860676

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