Without A Doubt Autumn Is The Best Season

Hey summer, it’s time for you to skedaddle, we have cozy fall things to do!

1. Right off the bat, we have to talk about the leaves.

5. This is what stuff looks like in the summer. Booooorrriiiinnnnggggg.

6. Moving on to pumpkins, of course.

11. Summer just has like corn mazes or something, I guess. Which is obviously not as good.

12. Now we need some delicious seasonal beverages!

Hot Apple Cider

Pumpkin Spice Latte

15. Picked out a beverage? Alright, good, let’s talk fall foods.

Pumpkin Pie

Gingersnap Cookies

19. Yeah. Okay. Summer barbecues are pretty great, but that doesn’t matter because…

20. We can go tailgating!

25. Also, the first snow of the fall is obviously the prettiest.

29. Summer has the beach. Which is the exact opposite of a lovely autumn snow.

30. And when it’s cool out, you know you’re going to need something warm to wear.

36. Summer fashion is for show-offs and jerks. Ugh, try wearing this on a cozy September afternoon. No thanks!

37. And lastly, possibly the most important thing about is autumn is… Halloween!

43. Cool Fourth of July picnic Grandma, but everyone knows Halloween masks are like fireworks for your face.

44. So let’s all say “Good riddance” to summer and get in a proper cozy fall mood!

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