How The ’50s Saw The Future

Step right up ladies and germs, and feast your eyes on the world of tomorrow!

1. First and foremost, our cities are gonna get bigger, that’s for sure.

4. But don’t think we’ll be stuck on Earth.

7. Scientists are even saying by the year 2000 we’ll even be living in the ocean, like some kind of fish!

10. Hang on ladies, things around the home are changing too. Imagine, a completely electric house!

13. That’s right mom, you’ll be able to order recipes off the television, directly to your kitchen.

14. Everything’s getting an upgrade. Finally, a faster way to receive letters!

16. Hey, you kids, your classrooms aren’t safe either. Welcome to the classroom of the future.

18. But everyone better be ready for the automobile of the future.

22. The 21st century before we know it. Are you ready?

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