What If All Of Breckin Meyer’s Best Roles Were The Same Role?!

Fan theory: The stoner dude from Clueless is actually the same guy from Can’t Hardly Wait.

1. This is Breckin Meyer in “Clueless”

He was a stoner skateboard dude who at the end of the movie decides to give up smoking pot and clean his life up.

ID: 698604

2. This is Donald Faison in “Clueless”

He plays a big idiot that dates Dionne and gets yelled at all the time. Also, he has braces.

ID: 698606

3. By the end of the movie they were totally hanging out

ID: 698744

4. But here’s the two of them playing in a band called Loveburger in “Can’t Hardly Wait”

ID: 698607

5. At the SAME party that Seth Green’s character is at (this will be important later)

ID: 698608

6. This is Breckin Meyer in “Road Trip”

He plays a college student at Ithaca College, who has to go on a cross-country roadtrip to stop his girlfriend from seeing a sex tape he made.

ID: 698653

7. A sextape he made with Amy Smart (this will be important later)

ID: 698672

8. This is the boy band Du Jour from “Josie And The Pussycats”

ID: 698610

9. What if, while at school at Ithaca, Donald Faison calls up Breckin Meyer and tells him he wants to reunite Loveburger? As Du Jour? WITH SETH GREEN!

ID: 698699

10. It makes total sense. They all went to the same high school.

ID: 698719

11. They definitely all knew each other.

ID: 698720

12. And Seth Green’s character is totally the same guy.

ID: 698718

13. To review:

ID: 700131

14. Then Breckin Meyer finds himself in a crazy race for a million dollars in “Rat Race”

ID: 698793

15. What if after Du Jour breaks up, Breckin Meyer goes back to school, and decides to enter politics

His character’s super uptight and probably because he doesn’t want anyone to know he was in a boyband. But then he meets up with Amy Smart again!

ID: 698800

16. And Seth Green’s there too!

His character probably needs the money after the Du Jour breaks up.

ID: 698786

17. Then Breckin Meyer finally lands a job with his law degree in TNT’s “Franklin And Bash”

ID: 698821

18. And he thought his band days were behind him until…

ID: 698843

19. Seth Green shows up!

ID: 698759

20. And it all comes full circle.

ID: 698856

21. It’s probably that and not the fact that the three of them are all really good friends in real life.

ID: 698869

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