Wendy Williams Has The Theory To End All Theories About The Solange Knowles–Jay Z Elevator Fight

Wendy Williams has it all figured out.

1. On Tuesday’s Wendy Williams Show, Wendy Williams decided to break down the infamous Solange–Jay Z elevator fight.

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2. She even pulled a bunch of notes she’d taken out of her wig. So you know it’s serious.

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3. Wendy starts with the fact that Solange was carrying a one-pound bag that night. It could have done a lot of damage. If you’re swinging that at somebody, it’s going to hurt.

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4. And during the fight, Beyoncé just stood there, watching. Which Wendy thinks is because Jay Z did something and probably deserved it.

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5. This woman in the audience knows EXACTLY what Wendy is talking about.

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6. Wendy connects Solange’s fight with Jay Z with an argument Solange had earlier that night with fashion designer Rachel Roy.

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7. Rachel Roy is the ex-wife of Damon Dash, who was formerly Jay Z’s manager and business partner at Roc-a-Fella Records in the ’90s.

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8. Wendy says that Jay Z and Dash — allegedly – used to pass around their interns, secretaries, and young female office workers between each other.

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9. Wendy thinks that the argument started over the fact that Rachel Roy has been connected to both Dash and Jay.

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10. She believes that as Jay Z was walking through the party, he did something to Rachel from behind and that Solange saw it. Wendy acted out the whole exchange.

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11. Which is why in the video, the minute the doors close, Solange begins attacking Jay Z.

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12. According to Wendy’s theory, it would have had to be a pretty big deal for Solange to start swinging that heavy bag.

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13. But it also would have had to be something that’s happened before, which is why Beyoncé doesn’t look that surprised. Jay Z’s been connected to a lot of women in the industry.

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14. This audience member is just like, “Damn Wendy, that’s airtight.”

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15. Except Wendy’s not done. She points out that Beyoncé used to have a tattoo of Jay Z on her finger. It appears she’s getting the tattoo removed.

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16. Wendy think it’s proof that Jay Z and Beyoncé are having some issues that have unfortunately made their way into the public eye.

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17. She says what Jay Z and Beyoncé are going through is nothing out of the ordinary for a married couple, but that maybe they need to lay low for a while.

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18. Because right now, their relationship is being scrutinized by the entire world.

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19. Wendy Williams: Expert level detective.

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