Watch What Happens When A Big Floppy Service Dog Meets A Guy In A Pluto Costume On A Disney Cruise

Dog friendship is magic.

1. This absolutely adorable video was taken on a Disney Fantasy Thanksgiving cruise by Nicholas Fabian.

ID: 2173359

2. The video’s a little long, so here’s a quick breakdown: First, the big floppy service dog is suspicious of Pluto.

ID: 2173413

3. The big floppy service dog then politely asks “who are you?”

ID: 2173423

4. Then the big floppy service dog make sure that Pluto is an alright guy.

ID: 2173425

5. Introductions between the two dogs are made.

ID: 2173435

6. And they completely hit it off!

ID: 2173451

7. And after the two big friendly dogs become friends they line up to take photos!

ID: 2173465

8. Dog friendship is the best kind of friendship.

ID: 2173562

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