Two Teenage Girls Were Arrested For Posting A Video On Twitter Of Their Cat In A Microwave

Don’t worry! The cat is OK!

1. According to authorities, two 15-year-old girls put a 10-second video on Twitter last week, which showed the girls putting a kitten in a microwave.

2. The unnamed South Portland High School students were said to be laughing in the video as the put the cat in and appeared to turn the microwave on.

3. An upload of the video has since been put on YouTube.

4. Needless to say, people were horrified.

To these bitches that put their kitten in a microwave for a vine; how about I put you in an oven for a vine?

— adrovella (@Alyssa Rovella ❁)

7. After the two teens were arrested and charged with animal cruelty, the kitten was put in the custody of Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland.

"Miracle" kitten doing well since being rescued from microwave incident@WCSH6

— chrisrosenews (@Chris Rose)

8. They also named her “Miracle.”

An update on kitten "Miracle" that was rescued after a video showing her in a microwave

— WCSH6 (@WCSH 6)

9. If you’re interested in adopting Miracle, head here for more info.

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