Two Best Men Made A Completely Bonkers ’80s Music Video To Toast Their Older Brother’s Marriage

It’s called “We Are Brothers” and it’s perfect.

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2. According to the YouTube description, “Baddy Paris” and “Rufus Starlight” are two brothers that just wanted to tell their older brother they’ll miss him.

At his wedding we pleaded for our brother not to leave us, in the only way we knew how to say it; through the the medium of 80s music and video. We thought we’d done ok, but he left us anyway.

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3. Which, of course, is something best told through weird ’80s synth-pop.

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4. Their video was intense.

ID: 1702897

5. Very intense.

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6. But it was also a sleek and stylish way to tell someone they love that they’ll miss him when he leaves them to start his life.

ID: 1702905

7. Also, it has this in it.

ID: 1702906

8. If brotherly love was a song it’d probably end up on the Drive soundtrack.

ID: 1702917

9. Okay, you should just watch the dang video, because these screencaps are great and all, but the video is absolutely nuts.

ID: 1702922

10. Congratulations Robin and Helen. Mazel!

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