"Trayvoning" Is A New Horrible Trend Where Teenagers Reenact Trayvon Martin’s Death Photo


1. “Trayvoning” is a disturbing new social media trend that’s been cropping up on Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr over the last week or so.

3. A lot of the users doing it are referring to it as a follow-up to a meme like planking or Tebowing.

5. Local news affiliate Fox 40 in Sacramento picked up the story over the weekend.


— AyoJimb0 (@Jimmy)

7. James Shelby, president of the Greater Sacramento Urban League, told Fox 40 that “Trayvoning” is a prime example about why kids need better education about race relations in America.

First there was #planking then there was #tebowing and now there is #Trayvoning

— DudeImShawn (@Shawn)

ȁc@Hold_My_Dixie: Define Trayvoningȁd

— Christopoopers (@Christopher)

9. It’s similar to the last controversial selfie trend, Hernandezing, where users would imitate Aaron Hernandez’s arrest photo.


— wubbahlicious (@GENE Lemoine)

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