This Woman Thought Reporting A Fake Robbery Would Be A Good April Fools’ Joke

Up until the police came and arrested her, that is.

1. Susan Alexandria Tinker called in a robbery on Monday while working at a local Waffle House.

ID: 1035157

2. Police officers searched the Waffle House for two hours, scouring the grounds with K9 units, only to find out there was no robbery.

ID: 1035156

3. That’s when Tinker revealed that it was actually just a big April Fools’ joke.

ID: 1035154

4. Tinker was then arrested and charged with one count of falsely summoning police.

ID: 1035155

5. Tinker has since been fired from the Waffle House and faces a maximum sentence of 12 months in jail and a $2,500 fine.

ID: 1035158

6. Well, it looks like the only April Fool here…

ID: 1035392

7. …was her.

ID: 1035407


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