This Very Intense-Looking Baboon Decided To Grab A Reporter’s Boob During A Local Newscast

Baboons are really, really scary looking.

1. Fox40’s Sabrina Rodriguez was doing a segment at a local zoo with Nicky the Baboon.

ID: 1695095

2. And things were going pretty well at first. Nicky politely welcomed Sabrina to his home with a cordial handshake.

ID: 1695123

3. She was there to interview Nicky about a local grape festival because local news is crazy.

ID: 1695122

4. But Nicky had other…more unsavory plans…

ID: 1695120

5. And then he just kind of stared off into space, as one often does when they touch someone’s boob.

ID: 1695116

6. Good for you Nicky. You do you.

ID: 1695114

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