This Pokémon Prom Proposal Will Melt Your Heart

“I choose you… to be my prom date.

ID: 1114139

2. If you can’t watch the video, it starts out with a grand announcement on the top of the stairs.

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3. Like a boss, dressed up like Ash Ketchum, he parades through the lunch room as his friends toss Pokémon cards in the air.

ID: 1114159

4. And like a boss he asks his crush over sounds of the cafeteria cheering.

ID: 1114162

5. And then he pops open his Poké Ball, revealing a corsage.

ID: 1114158

6. And pops the question. She obviously says yes because it’s not every day that a Pokémon master asks you to prom.

ID: 1114156

7. And then he runs off, followed by cheering students.

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