This Might Be The Worst Teenager On Instagram

Either Instagram user @itslavishbitch is the best troll in history or the worst person in the whole world.

1. According to, he’s a 17-year-old kid from a very wealthy San Francisco family.

ID: 1040033

2. Param, or as he goes by online, “Lavish,” has one of the most outrageous Instagrams out there.

ID: 1040045

3. He’s a pretty normal kid. He loves Starbucks.

ID: 1040075

4. He likes iPhones.

ID: 1039805

5. …like, a lot.

ID: 1039828

6. He claims he only fills his toilet bowl with Pellegrino.

ID: 1039837

7. He also washes his hands with it.

ID: 1039948

8. He likes to remind his followers (all 59,293 of them) that he keeps a lot of cash on hand.

ID: 1039862

9. So much so that he doesn’t even know what to do with it.

ID: 1039880

10. Sometimes he keeps it in iPad boxes.

ID: 1039910

11. And sometimes he apparently gives it away to his Instagram followers.

ID: 1039917

12. He claims he uses $175 gold-plated staples.

ID: 1039937

13. He sends stuff like this to Kim Kardashian.

ID: 1040024

14. And this is a four-panel picture of him tying $4,000 to a bunch of balloons and letting it fly away.

ID: 1040000

15. Oh, and here’s a video of him counting $100 bills.

ID: 1040056

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