This Is What Happens When You Leave Your Purse Alone With The Guy You’re Seeing

Apparently, he will take it bowling and swimming and to the beach.

1. Imgur user iheartkickball was left alone with the girl he was seeing’s purse.

ID: 1289350

2. So he did what anyone else would do…

ID: 1289359

3. Play ping pong with it.

ID: 1289351

4. Take it out to eat ice cream.

ID: 1289352

5. Take it out bowling.

ID: 1289353

6. Treat it to a nice breakfast.

ID: 1289354

7. Take it to the beach.

ID: 1289355

8. Bring it to his soccer game.

ID: 1289360

9. Let it hang out with him on stage at his concert.

ID: 1289358

10. And then bring it out to the bar afterwards for a few drinks.

ID: 1289356

11. Things got kind of serious…

ID: 1289357

12. After a whirlwind purse-vacation, Purse Guy had to give it back.

ID: 1289361

13. And it was returned to its rightful owner! She looks super psyched that her purse is internet famous.

ID: 1289362

14. And what was in it the whole time???

ID: 1289363

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