This Is The Insane Pile Of Money You Apparently Make As A Stripper Dancing For Justin Bieber


1. This is Diamond. She’s a stripper at a club in Houston, Texas, called VLive.

ID: 1842286

2. She recently danced for Justin Bieber. And tweeted this very eye-opening photo of how much a stripper could make if they were to dance for Justin:

ID: 1842255

3. She seemed very excited by the experience.

ID: 1842319

5. According to Diamond, Justin touched her butt.

ID: 1842321

6. And boxer Floyd Mayweather was there too!

ID: 1842320

7. Apparently, the two are pretty good friends now.

Steve Marcus / Reuters
ID: 1842338

8. BuzzFeed has reached out to Diamond for comment about her experience.

ID: 1842406

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